“Marie de France, Prologue of the Lais”

The Prologue to the Lais is set to music by Lesl Harker. It is hosted, with permission, at (Mp3: 5.9 MB). Credits: Arrangement/recording/newly translated sections: ©2002 Lesl Harker all world rights reserved. Translation from the Norman French partly by Lesl, with help from many others. Please see further song information for complete credits. All mistakes © Lesl Harker. Instrumentation: guitars, singing, flute, whistles, harmonium – Lesl. Music credits: adaptations of: the Breton hymn Meulomp Hirie A Vouez Uhel; Breton melody Me zo ganet é kreiz er mor (original melody by Jef Le Penven); traditional Welsh dance tune Hafoty Dafydd Owen (thanks Ceri Matthews, also for production suggestions).

Lai Chevrefoil”

The entire lai is set to music by Istanpitta. You can buy the album at:


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