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None yet – I am working on finally converting my conference papers into academic articles.


“The Prologue to the Lais of Marie de France as a Ciceronian Exordium”
Mississippi Philological Association Conference, January 25, 2008

Marie’s closely applies Cicero’s instructions, found in the De Inventione, for composing exordiums in the writing of her prologues in her lais, especially in the beginning Prologue.

“The Hero Returns: The Double Adventure Plot of Marie de France’s Guigemar”
Fourth Annual Louisiana Consortium of Medieval and Renaissance Scholars 2006, October 14, 2006

An expanded update to my International Congress on Medieval Studies paper in 1998, reflecting the additional research and feedback I received over the six years since that first paper.

“The Impulse to Nurture in Marie de France’s Lai Le Fresne”
South Eastern Medieval Association Conference ’99, October 1999

In each of her lais, Marie analyzes the different aspects and types of love. One common thread is the moral principle that nurturing brings good fortune and that refusing to nurture brings bad fortune.

“The Double Adventure Plot of Marie de France’s Guigemar”
33rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 1998

While several of Marie’s lais exhibit a typical hero journey plot structure, the lai “Guigemar” is unusual in that it offers two complete, back-to-back, hero adventures. Marie uses the linear element to parallel, reinforce and ties together the two adventures.


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